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What's HOT! South Florida

Finally, everything you need to know in South Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package. Art, entertainment and cultural events are all covered starting with a wrap up of the previous week and a summary of the hottest events around town. Watch for the very popular "This Is Hot" section.

What’s HOT South Florida (5/24/2012 – 5/31/2012)

Thursday night started the weekend early with a huge birthday party at Twist for Joel's (owners) boyfriend Peter Morales. Thursday's are generally busy at...

What’s Hot South Florida July 6 – July 12

Thursday, July 6 The Lake Worth Playhouse presents Saturday Night Fever from today until July 23. This musical adaptation of the 70's classic film will...

What’s HOT South Florida: 1/28/16 – 2/3/16

Read the feature in our digital magazine: http://digital.hotspotsmagazine.com/i/631728/19

What’s Hot South Florida: November 23 – November 30

A week ago Wednesday, was the GFLGLCC's (Gay and Lesbian Chamber of commerce) Quarterly networking Luncheon at Events by Grateful Palate

What’s Hot South Florida: May 19 – May 25

Read the feature in our digital magazine: click here

What’s HOT South Florida, March 3, 2011

Although they have been celebrating all month long with great sales, Thursday was the official party for the Pride Factory celebrating their 15th anniversary....


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