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What's HOT! Central Florida

Finally, everything you need to know in Central Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package. Art, entertainment and cultural events are all covered starting with a wrap up of the previous week and a summary of the hottest events around town.

What’s Hot Central Florida April 1- April 29

Saturday, April 1 Wena’s Nightclub and Showbar presents their Employee Turnabout where the men become women and the women become men.  The night will also...

What’s Hot Central Florida: August 2017

Friday, July 28 Southern Nights Orlando’s Flex Fridays celebrates DJ Chris Tavalare Birthday! Doors Open at 9pm, with no cover before 11pm 21+ (18+ Welcome)....

What’s Hot Central Florida: December 2016

Hello, Hotspots Central readers! Welcome once again to the What's Hot column, where we keep you in the loop with lost of important nightlife events in Tampa bay, Orlando, and points in between

What’s Hot Central Florida: October 2016

Read the feature in our digital magazine: click here

What’s Hot Central Florida: November 2016

Hello, Hotspots Central readers! the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida is requesting your help! Each Thanksgiving, they donate food baskets to people in need

What’s HOT Central Florida (5/31/2012 – 6/7/12)

IT'S HERE! The reason for the diets and the crazy workouts for the GAYEST of all gay weekends is finally upon us...yes, I'm talking...


Gus Kenworthy Talks Being a ‘Bad Gay,’ Hollywood Aspirations

Nobody reminds silver Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy that he was in Sharknado 5, and it’s hard to tell how that makes him feel after I casually drop that nugget of info as you do...