RuPaul to Star Alongside Adorable Orphan

On RuPaul’s Drag Race, the expression “She done already done had herses” might be something of a colloquialism-meets-a-non sequitur, but it has more or less come to mean that Ru’s already done whatever you thought about doing and made money from it. And if you were thinking of starring in your own Netflix series about a drag queen who travels the country with a tough-talking orphan, then you can think twice about that one, too.

RuPaul Charles will star in a new one-hour comedy series called AJ and The Queen, co-produced by Ru and Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City). The Supermodel of The World will play against type as a down-on-her-luck queen traveling in a wheezing old RV with an unlikely child stowaway, performing in drag clubs all across this great gender-illusionist–loving land, and teaching lessons about love along the way. She’s going to sing in every episode, too, just like a one-drag-queen Partridge Family.

Listen, we can’t believe it’s real either, but we’re sure as hell going to watch. And that fascination factor is exactly how Miss Charles keeps getting hers(es).

Ezra Miller Says Hello to Dali

Ezra Miller, star of Justice League, isn’t sitting around waiting for the DC Cinematic Universe to keep his career afloat. He’s no stranger to the arthouse world, with films like We Need to Talk About Kevin, and now he’s signed on to the latest from director Mary Harron (American Psycho), the biopic Dali Land.

Miller will star in flashback sequences as the young Salvador Dali (Ben Kingsley will play the legendary artist as an older man) for a story set in New York and Spain in the early 1970s, and told from the perspective of a gallery assistant played by Frank Dillane (Fear The Walking Dead). Phantom Thread breakout star Lesley Manville will play Dali’s formidable wife, and Tim Roth the artist’s best friend. Expect this one to kick off big festivals when it’s finished.

In the meantime, do your surrealism homework, and then you can annoy all your friends by pedantically explaining what is and is not surreal in everyday life.

Romeo San Vicente refuses to work with children or animals.