The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh

Happy belated Sex Ed Sit Out, everybody!

You might have forgotten to mark your calendars, but conservative leaders asked parents to keep their kids home on Monday, April 23 to protest sex education.

“Parents across the country will be keeping their children home from school to protest the insane, pornographic, morally debased propaganda that passes for ‘sex ed’ these days,” explained Matt Walsh at Ben Shapiro’s “It’s about time that parents took a stand against this madness.”

Walsh, a conservative writer and self-described “extremist,” presents a novel, alternative approach to sex ed that I’m sure will work perfectly— once robots take over the world.

“Sex should be a subject covered in science class, and it should go no further than simply explaining how human reproduction works,” he writes. “All of the rest of this — the lessons on ‘gender identity,’ the free condoms, the discussion of masturbation and oral sex — is ideological.”

Now, knowing how human reproduction works is not the same thing as having an understanding of human sexuality. It won’t help kids navigate the complex personal relationships that are at the heart of sexuality. Teenagers are being yanked through the stratosphere by their hormones. Most do not have the maturity to deal with these feelings and urges, let alone the self-control to not act on them. So, age-appropriate discussions about condoms and masturbation are literally fucking useful, not ideological.

“The schools want our kids to be the sort of people who indulge their sexual urges freely and openly, without regard to oppressive notions of morality and human dignity,” Walsh writes, apparently under the impression that public schools are veritable bathhouses. “The deviants who develop these courses believe that hedonism is the path to fulfillment.”

This is a pretty standard conservative take on sex ed: that sex should be divorced from pleasure, reserved only for making babies. Of course, we also don’t want teenagers having babies, which is kinda why sex ed is important: because teenagers are having sex, whether they know how to protect themselves or not.

Sex is not Satan’s workshop. It’s a healthy, normal part of human life. And far too many people have hang-ups about it because of the kind of senseless shame folks like Walsh promote.

“My only problem with the [April 23] sit-out is that it’s too short,” Walsh writes. “It should be permanent. But this is a good first step.”

This idea that public education is a finishing school for sexual deviance is damaging not only to children, but also to their parents and their communities as conservatives work to tear down this pillar of American life and democracy.

So, yes, parents should be aware that sex-ed horror stories are being used to promote the destruction of their kids’ schools. And they should absolutely take a stand against this madness.