Has going to work become such drudgery that you dread daily responsibilities and routine demands? Have you given up on exercising because you’re too fatigued to think of the gym? Your continued good health and peace of mind are essential to your everyday existence. These are not acquired by taking a pill, having more money or some other magic solution. You’ve got to work at being healthy and happy. Here are some effective, creative and inexpensive ways to become a powerhouse of positive energy.

Cut back on clutter and clatter. Your energy has an inverse relationship to the amount of business in your life. Clear your closets and desk of stuff that you don’t use. Disconnect from so- called friends who drain your energy with their whining and complaining. Say “No” to unwanted social commitments that swallow up all of your valuable free time. Make some “me” time just for you – read, listen to music, take a walk, swim or bike ride – anything that will refresh and replenish you!

Try a media free day. Tune out the frenetic information overload that bombards you from e-mails, texts, tweets, blogs and Facebooking. A lot of this is either nonsensical clatter, outright negativity, or other stuff that really isn’t important. If you find the idea of turning off your phone, or shutting down your computer for a few hours, frightening, then you’re just the one who needs to take a break!

Exercise daily. Instead of coming up with excuses not to exercise, take every opportunity to be physically active. Enjoy fresh air and sunshine by taking your activities outdoors. Take a power walk at lunch, do some calisthenics on break, squeeze in some crunches and stretches in the park.

Balance your chi. Ancient Chinese medicine teaches that the body and mind are vitally linked; energy (chi) regulates a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health; and that each of us is composed of opposing, inseparable forces – Yin and Yang – that need to stay balanced. When your chi flows smoothly, your world is a finer place. Balance your chi by trying acupuncture, Yoga, massage or guided meditation.

Take a spa day. Can’t afford to go to one of the great places advertised in this publication? No worries, try an at home spa approach. Indulge yourself and relax with an aromatherapy bath or shower by adding a few drops of lavender to the steamy water. Apply a comforting chilled gel eye mask to your face as you nap. Try rubbing your temples with massage lotion containing a few drops of peppermint essential oil for invigoration. Be creative – the possibilities for self pampering are limitless.

Don’t let stress, your job or negative people drag you down. Become a powerhouse of inexhaustible positive energy!